The American ANTI-Cancer Institute

The American ANTI-Cancer Institute

This article was taken from the American Anti-Cancer Institute’s Newsletter 

by Bob Wright ~ Author of “Killing Cancer, Not People”

September 2013

In early 2011, when Kathy was in for a chiropractic adjustment, she let the doctor know that she probably wouldn’t be coming much longer because she was recently diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer and given less than 90 days to live. The doctor said that he wished she would have mentioned this earlier and asked her if she had ever heard of drinking alkaline water for health. She had not – but she started on the water immediately.

She said, “Give me the strongest stuff you’ve got and I’ll drink it.” She drank a gallon a day of 11.5 pH ionized water then returned to her oncologist 2 months later. He told her that her cancer had diminished by 93%! Obviously, she continued to drink the water for full recovery.

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About this time, she received a call from her son in Sacramento, CA who said that he had been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and had just been released from the hospital. There was no more they could do for him. His disease was terminal and he didn’t have long to live.

Kathy packed up her water machine and flew to Sacramento where she told her son that he would be drinking a gallon of this water a day – just like she did.

After about a month, he was back to work and feeling great. At 9 weeks, he went back to the doctor for a check-up and they were somewhat surprised to see him still alive. After they checked him out they said that he was cancer-free. Of course, they both still drink the Kangen Water daily.

Kathy is not the woman’s real name – but I verified this testimonial three times, through three different witnesses, and the woman’s husband. It is true.

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No one can tell you that Kangen Water will heal cancer – because it does not. However, when you flood the body with hydration, alkalinity, and antioxidants, the immune system responds, as it did here. It works, friends, because the ingredients and mechanisms of ionized water are based in real science – not the hocus pocus that mustard gas-derived chemotherapy comes from.

It is said that each 12-ounce glass of 9.5 pH Kangen Water has more antioxidant capacity that all of the organic fruits and vegetables one could possibly eat in one day. Do you think that would be good for you? There you go, real science. The best way now to bring the body to an alkaline state is by drinking ionized water. Is that good for cancer patients? And, everyone? There you go again, real science. The water is low micro-clustered – which means that more of it will get into your cells more rapidly. Would it be better to hydrate with water that gets into your cells only 17% of the time or 80+% of the time? Real science, tested and proven, once again.

In the testimonial above, the two individuals drank 11.5 pH water (ultra-high pH), which no one recommended that they do. They were both dying and knew they had nothing to lose. This very high alkaline water appeared to make a huge difference for them. It just might for you too. ?

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